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Questions & Answers PDF Pegasystems PEGACLSA74V1-A Exam LSA Pega Architecture 74V1 Exam P-1 Questions & Answers PDF P-2 Product Questions: 61 Version: 7.0 Question: 1 Table A contains customer information, Table B contains complaints submitted by customers. Table C contains positive feedback submitted by customer. You are tasked to write a report that lists all rows in Table a where customer, the number of rows in Table B related to Table A are greater than the number of rows in Table C related to Table A. Which method creates the report that execute with the best performance? A. JOIN Table A to Tables B and C using Include all joined class. Count the Join column from both Table B and Table C. Only include rows where the first count is greater than the second. B. Define two subreports, one where Table B uses ‘’Do not JOIN’’. And one where table C uses ;Do not JOIN’’. In the subreport is greater than the count from the Table C subreport. C. Define two subreports: one that counts rows in Table B relative to table A, and one that counts the Table C relative to table A. Only include rows in the main report Table A where the Table B count is greater than table C count. D. JOIN Table A to Tables B and C using include all rows in this class. Count the JOIN column from both table B and Table C. Only include rows where the first count is greater than the second Answer: D Question: 2 You are working on an insurance claims application that receive claims through email. The company receives 500 emails per hour. The insurance company promises a 24-hour response time to receive and verify the claim. After the claim is verified, the system automatically responds with an email containing the claim ID. The application Is developed in the pega cloud environment. The production environment is currently running on premise. What is your recommendation to ensure the instance company can meet the 24-hour respond requirement for claims submitted by email. A. Recommend the insurance company changes its policy to allow for a broader processing windows. B. Recommend the insurance company use an advance agent to verify claims and respond. C. Recommend the insurance company use an advanced agent to verify claims and responds. D. Recommend the insurance company use an email listener with concurrent threats. Answer: A Questions & Answers PDF P-3 Question: 3 A page application locally stores the same set of codes defied by an used within an external system of record. The Pega application does not locally store the associated to these codes. During case processing, the displayed labels for this set if codes are sourced from the external system of record. On any given data, the label associated to a code may change. You are asked to implement a report definition that display the current label associated to each code whenever the report is run. How do you design a Pega application to meet this requirement? A. Persist the most recently retrieved label for each code in a table. Join to that table when running the report. B. Develop a SQL function rows that calls a stored procedure to retrieve the currently associated label for each code. C. Display report definition rows using a custom section. Use a keyed-access Data page to source label values. D. Query the distinct codes that the report would display. Develop an interface to retrieve the associated labels in bulk. Answer: C Question: 4 The LSA and the customer’s system administrator are reviewing scenarios that do not require an application server restart. Select three scenario from this list. (Choose Three.) A. When deploying rule-only hotfixes B. When deploying new rules C. When changing the system name D. When the prlogging .xml file is modified. E. When changing the prweb web.xml file Answer: ADE Question: 5 Select the option in which you would define Content Security Policies. A. To restrict what data a user can view in a case the user can open B. To prevent the browser to load content from untrusted sources C. To configure security for the content management integration D. To define security for case attachments Questions & Answers PDF P-4 Answer: C Question: 6 Select the three security tasks you perform when deploying an application to n production environment. (Choose Three) A. Rename and redeploy the prweb.vvar. B. Set the Production Level to 1 in prconfig.xml. C. Review and remove servlets from the web-xml. D. Disable unused out-of-the-box operators. E. Delete the Unauthenticated access group. Answer: ABE Question: 7 A case can be withdraw using a local action. You want to restrict the ability to withdraw a case to the user who created the case or any work group manager of the user. Select three rule types used in combination to achieve this functionality. (Choose these.) A. Access Control Policy B. Access when C. Access Deny D. Access of Role to Object E. Privilege Answer: ABC Question: 8 A developer has set the Rule security mode on the access group to deny. Select the reason for this setting. A. Require Access of Role to object rules to be specified for each layer in the class hierarchy and not inherited from parent classes. B. Disable standard privileges providing administrator access to the application (for example AllFlows and AllFlowActions) C. Deny access to a rule if the privilege of the user is not defined in an access of Role to Object. D. Ensure that all rule with the option of specifying a privilege have a privilege. Only users with the privilege can execute the rules. Answer: A Questions & Answers PDF P-5 Question: 9 Customer information is captured in an application. Corporate policy states that private information be secured and only visible to a limited users. Which configuration do you recommend? A. Configure an access deny rule restricting access to the sensitive information. B. Use a visible when rule for the properties displaying sensitive information. C. Create an access control policy restricting access to the sensitive information. D. Move sensitive information to separate sections and apply a privilege to the sections. Answer: A Question: 10 An application is being constructed in multiple phases for a growing company that has over 1000 employees. During the initial development stages. It is determined a button on section has to be made conditionally visible based on a group of actors. What should the conditional visibility be based on to minimize the amount of future maintenance? A. AccessGroup B. Privilege C. Role D. Work group Answer: A Question: 11 An end user of the application experienced a browser crash working on a highly available system. Crash recovery is enabled. Does the user have to be authenticated? A. Yes, if the user is directed to the same node. B. Yes. If the authentication cookie was lost. C. No, if the authentication cookie was lost. D. No, if the user is directed to a different node. Answer: B Question: 12 XYZ Corporation is a multinational bank interested in deployed a worldwide application as soon possible. The application currently does not have requirement that depend on its geographical region. An outside application currently does not have requirement that depend on its user’s